When failing to lose weight is NOT your fault

Posted on the 18 August 2011 at 15:12

I'm rushing this week as it's been a busy week of clinics, training and meetings. Missed my bikram yoga class this morning which I'm totally gutted! Been enjoying too much good food recently and not to mention ice-cream in this hot weather. Aware of the muffins gathering on my waistline as I plan my outfits for my trip home to Malaysia.

Looking at new eating programs which I can fit into my busy schedule, not to mention being aware of what's available when I'm travelling. Not very much fresh goods in the hood I'm afraid. Haven't gotten into the habit of cooking yet except making fresh salads which I love. So I can appreciate when I hear people say:-

"Why aren't I losing as much weight as I want to?"

Not alot of weight per say but really the stubborn fat you may find peaking through your jeans, shirt or dress.

And then I saw this through my inbox about POP - which may be sabotaging our efforts to losing weight.

What is POP? Persistent Organic Pollutants!

Evil things. It is a host of chemicals found in the animal feeds in the human food chain and also found in pesticides, building materials, plastics, cosmetics and perfumes. In other words, most sources surround us in our homes, offices and schools.

POP are lipid soluble so it is stored in our fats and accumulation increases with age.
Research now indicates that a patient's levels of POP's should be evaluated prior to weight loss. Because POPs are stored in body fat, weight loss can facilitate significant releases of toxicants into the body.

The potential of these pollutants to impair immune responses and trigger autoimmune disease is of growing concern. Some effects of exposure include toxicity to the skin, reproductive organs, endocrine system, liver, developmental brain and can also cause cancer. Some of these toxins released can also impair thyroid function which reduces metabolic rates, further making it more challenging for people to lose weight.

It probably explains why some people when trying to lose weight, they feel so toxic at the beginning which may result in an early surrender with no fault of theirs!

And why we feel so good when we have lost the weight - there is no longer fat that holds the toxin.

Yes, I agree mental attitude is important and discipline is a must. We climb on the scales and do all the measurements before we get on the threadmill. We raid our fridges, detoxing it to organic healthy food. We may have to look one step deeper and look at doing toxicity testing too.

Not just for the sake of losing weight to look good, but to optimise health.

So to embark in any change either it be for health, weight, life or business, we should look at the toxins that are holding us back! Once we are aware of them, we can then choose if we want to keep them, detox them or replace them!

There are no excuses left. The choice is really yours.

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