Don't Rush Into Stem Cell Boob Jobs!

Posted on the 22 April 2010 at 12:13

Following reports that the first UK patient has undergone cell enriched breast enhancement, a leading cosmetic doctor is urging patients to think twice before rushing to book the treatment in 2010 because there is not enough data to prove its long-term success.

The procedure, also known as a Stem Cell Boob Job, involves taking cells and fat from the patients body, such as buttocks or thighs, and injecting it into the breast to increase their size. The chemical-free treatment claims to be permanent and requires no top up sessions. On paper it seems like the perfect treatment, but cosmetic expert Dr Ravi Jain is advising patients to wait for more data to become available before deciding whether or not to have what is being billed as the latest cutting-edge cosmetic treatment.

Almost all of the best cosmetic treatments currently available are actually 3rd or 4th generation versions of earlier treatments which have been refined and improved over time and as more data became available. Stem cell-based beauty treatments are certainly going to be big in the future but the treatment is still in its infancy, and in my opinion, has at least another 12-18 months of modification ahead of it, says Dr Jain.

Some UK clinics are already offering stem cell boob jobs and even stem cell botox, but Dr Jains own clinic, the multi-award winning Riverbanks ( will only be offering specially selected trials of the revolutionary treatment in 2010 in order to gather sufficient data to be able to assess the longer term success of the treatment.

"Stem Cell Therapy is a very exciting area as it essentially means we can partially regenerate new skin cells without using any chemicals. This potentially reduces the risk of adverse reactions and increases the likelihood of more natural and longer lasting results for patients. If trials prove successful, this approach could be used to treat a range of conditions more effectively including sun damage, scars, skin tone and lines and wrinkles. This is definitely going to be the future of cosmetic treatments, but still has some way to go. My advice to patients is to watch this space."
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Blog Comment(s) [1]

Since I wrote this blog, I decided not to pursue the trials as I felt it was best left to the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons who were treating breast cancer survivors.

However, despite my warnings in the above blog, the clinic has received numerous requests from patients wanting the treatment, all of whom we have declined to treat and explained why.

Ravi Jain