Podcast: An update on developments in the UK Cosmetic Industry April 2011

Posted on the 03 May 2011 at 15:16

Adrian and Ron Myers from The Consulting Room discuss recent events in the UK Cosmetic Industry.

They cover:

  • Nurse prescribing
  • Prescribing services
  • New European rules on who can administer botulinum toxins
  • Beauty therapists administering treatments such as botulinum toxins and dermal fillers
  • Gaining access to treatments online


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Blog Comment(s) [1]

What strikes me as I read this argument, and it is an observation I can make when reading most literature that pertains to 'Beauty' Therapists, is that there is no definition of who or what constitutes a 'beauty' therapist. Surely, if there is to be debate on whether or not therapists can administer injectables, we should be identifying what the medical profession considers to be 'beauty'. That is to say, there is a large number of very proficient, well-qualified and experienced skincare therapists who practice a range of advanced procedures, not necessarily injectables, with consummate professionalism and knowledge. I count myself among them. I trained at one of the capital's premier colleges (now with University Status) for a Higher National Diploma (not to be confused with the new 'diplomas' which are NVQ's in all but name). This was equivalent to the first two years of a degree (currently regarded as Level 5)and is now replaced by the Foundation Degree. Subsequently I studied to teach with a Cert. Ed. and returned to the London College of Fashion later as a lecturer.
Is my qualification and knowledge equal to that of an NVQ Level 3 who chose to pursue the 'Spa' or 'Nails' route? Are you, or the public, aware of the degree of differentiation to be found in the cosmetics industry? I do not believe so. I have had over 15 years of experience in electrolysis, advanced electrolysis and more recently micropigmentation and non-laser tattoo removal. I chose to follow this path because I truly have an interest in the skin and its various conditions. I did not enter my profession - and I do regard what I do as professional - purely for monetary gain. Am I really to believe that the plethora of Drs and RN's who advertise their aesthetic clinics are doing so for any other reason? Sure, we all need to earn a living. But injectables has become a bandwagon and there's a lot of unscrupulous practitioners who have jumped on it. Yes, I admit it, 'beauty' therapists included. Ironically, my initial choice of career had been nursing but I found that the doctors were unremittingly critical of the nurses lower level of education.... It is all so much like the sketch where John Cleese is upper class etc.
Personally, I have no interest in administering fillers or 'wrinkle relaxers' and I do not believe that under-qualified persons should be offering these treatments. But I do object to being excluded from having the choice to administer these products because I am not INCLUDED in the group of doctors and nurses - a large number of whom have become involved in the aesthetics industry only because of its lucrative nature. However, perhaps the whole matter will become a moot point as currently I think I see the first few drops of saturation. How many vials of Botox or Hyaluronic Acid can the average British town consume? And are you not, if truth be told, all waiting for the next 'big' thing in any case? For a truly level playing field, there should be one regulatory body for these cosmetic procedures and eligibility should perhaps depend on a 'points' system AND evidence of specific study in the field of facial anatomy and physiology. I at least want a nurse who knows my cervix from my corrugator.

Geraldine Walters