Academy of Cosmetic Training bows out of non-medic Botox training

Posted on the 05 April 2011 at 11:28

Back in August 2010 we covered the story of a company based in Warrington called The Academy of Cosmetic Training who were offering training courses in the administration of Botox® and dermal fillers to non-medics.

The company proudly explained on their website at the time that ‘even those without prior knowledge are able to administer these injections after undertaking a Botox® or dermal filler training course’ which they were now offering.

All you needed to attend one of their courses was to have passed a Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course which are available through many providers nationwide.

Upon injection of four real people on the day of the training course a certificate of competence would be issued with insurance company and prescribing buddies recommended!

At the time, their testimonials page declared rave reviews from a beauty therapist, a tattoo artist and a diabetic who was now busy injecting all of his wife’s friends with dermal fillers and Botox® after attending their various courses!

Despite our own shock at this company’s activities and the feedback that we also received from active UK aesthetic practitioners and industry participants, it seemed that not a lot could be done to stop this activity.

Well it would seem that our Fairy Godmother has done it for us. A recent visit to the website for The Academy of Cosmetic Training ( revealed that the company’s own declarations and activities have indeed caused their downfall. In a statement, on what remains of their original hosted site, they say;

“We are no longer providing training courses in any aesthetic procedures due to the hundreds of emails received daily from people who do not have any of the relevant or transferrable skills required to train in aesthetic procedures”.


We hope, like us, you will see this as a victory for the industry and common sense. Just because currently anyone can legally inject another person with cosmetic injectables doesn’t mean that it’s right to do so.

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Pity we can't name and shame the prescribing buddies!

Fab Equizi

It seems that everyone wants to jump on the band wagon And there are many companies training health professionals and therapists. I conducted a study and used my sister both dual qualified nurses and beauty therapists. They trained here and found their standards strict, the doctor passed one and failed the other. The one who passed tried to order from their recommended doctor 8 months later but he refused to prescribe as she would no longer be safe.

At the same time, my sisters trained with another well known trainer of therapists and found whilst their courses were good, the doctors that a lot of their injectors use do not comply with the law and one was happy to provide botox after not injecting for the same 8 months.

We then looked into companies that train medical professionals and found that some did not advise us as nurses about needing a prescriber, they allowed only the injection of one model and one of the companies that we went to only told us at the end of the training day that we could not obtain the product, after charging us a small fortune for the course with no offer of a refund. The other company advised us on booking that they could prescribe for us but then sent us away with a vial of botox to inject into our first client, obviously not on a named patient basis!

Since training, the general thought is that therapists are trained well and should comply with the law although we are aware of many that do not. Medical professionals are not always trained well and we were shocked at how many others crammed into the course multi used vials or prescribed retrospectively, all are illegal and could lose them their registration. We have been approached to do advanced courses as health professionals but approached to offer support as a therapist.

A. n. Other

I don't think you can say that all training companies are training unethically or to a substandard, which I am sure you are not. You are simply highlighting that there are good and bad in the industry regardless of who is being trained, which is the same for any industry. I think that most people seeking training will be asking the correct questions before choosing which company to train with. It just highlights the importance of nurses looking into the regulations prior to training and how all doctors, dentists and nurses need to comply with the law.

Botox and all other toxins are prescription only medicine that needs to be prescribed on a named patient basis, which is why you cannot treat multi clients from each vial. A doctor or dentist can hold wholesale stock and prescribe for individual patients from this vial, a nurse prescriber can only prescribe from wholesale stock if they are within the same legal entity as a doctor.

You would hope that training companies would not issue certificates simply because the person undergoing training is a qualified medical professional and that if beauty therapists are being trained that they are given plenty of experience, trained methodically and assessed under very rigid assessment criteria. It is not illegal for a beauty therapist or even your neighbour to administer botox as long as they are doing so under the guidance of a doctor and this includes what to inject and where to inject it. If this is not done then they are breaking the law but this also accounts to non prescribing nurses.

I am not an injector and can appreciate what a medical professional can provide above and beyond a beauty therapist, although I can also appreciate that not all beauty therapists will be unsafe injectors of botox. I have read on many forums that medical professionals do not want them to inject as that is where they earn their money, attending beauty salons and treating their clients. Are they fearing that they will lose business, just concerned that they will drive down the price of treatment or put the public at risk? The public have a choice of who they go to and there are some medical professionals who I would not want to inject me just as much as there are some beauty therapists who I would probably not go to either. I think that stones should not be thrown in glass houses when you look at the GMC, NMC and GDC registers to see how many registrants have received cautions or restrictions in their practice concerning professional and private practices.

Mr Williams

I agree with Mr Williams here. I atteneded a Botox course for medical professionals and was disgusted with the training these people received. They may have been doctors and nurses on the course, but it was poorly put together and at the end of the day everyone injected one person and they were then certified safe. So definately a lot of glass houses and stones being thrown. Very much a "Job for the boys" culture going on here. I am also sad to say that there are many doctors giving these injections that should not be let anywhere near a needle as they have no talent or artistic value for the treatment. There is a lot of awful facial aesthetic jobs walking around, the evidence is on their faces for all to see! And the majority of that work has been carried out by doctors and dentists. I rest my case.

Aan Other

So what to do then, but raise the bar for everyone. The training should be thorough, intensive, and encapsulate all that is relevant to making a qulaity administrator of Botox.
Training Training Training Training - the only way we can drive the standard to the hights it should be is blanket GOOD training!


This is blatant foot stomping and BULLYING by people in the industry tring to keep these procedures exclusive. There is a reason these procedures are not illegal to be administered by non medical professionals! Roll on the self injecting revolution!


It seems a bit strange that you need training to inject people with the way the nhs is going we will all be carrying out operations before long.

Back street barry