Botox now available at your local Superdrug! A Doctor's viewpoint.

Posted on the 25 March 2011 at 10:10

I remember when Botox was launched by BOOTS in 2002 and offered across their stores that also did laser hair removal. It made front page of the Daily Telegraph, but just over a year later they closed the whole Botox and laser hair removal operation down.

Now Superdrug, the second largest health and Beauty retailer in the UK is launching a “budget” anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injection service.

Anish Sabherwal, of Superdrug, said the beauty clinics meant that treatments once thought of as luxuries were now accessible in ‘location and price’.

He said: ‘Now a customer can nip into our store during their lunch hour, get a manicure, have an anti-wrinkle consultation, have their brows threaded before choosing a sandwich meal deal and heading back to the office.’

At our clinic, which has been providing Botox and filler injections since 1999, all of our new clients have a free in depth skin analysis plus a half hour consultation with me as a minimum before we'd even think about performing any injections with Botox.

Are people so time-poor that they have to have a manicure, brow threaded, and Botox consultation whilst they're having their lunch?? Maybe we should have a sandwich counter in our clinic??!!

It will be interesting to see if Superdrug is focusing on quality, rather than “pile it high sell it cheap” tactics? Let’s see if they support the broader moves of clinics trying to drive up standards and join the “Treatments You Can Trust” quality assurance mark which helps people looking for cosmetic injectable treatments to find clinics offering Botox and Fillers that achieve a set of minimum service standards.

Any bets on them lasting longer than BOOTS with this attempt at venturing into the medical aesthetic market??

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