Advertising cosmetic injectables to men is tricky, unless you target their worries and fears!

Posted on the 08 March 2011 at 09:39

So how do you reach out to men when it comes to advertising facial fillers and other cosmetic injectables?

Appeal to their worries and concerns about the rest of their lives it seems. Are they newly divorced? Or about to tie the knot? Concerned about their career and the younger guy stealing their job?

All the things that could put a worried look on a man’s face... but don’t fret, say the product manufacturers “we have just the thing to make you look like you’re not worrying at all”!

So here it is, an example with an advert commissioned by Swedish company Q-Med back in 2008 for their Restylane® dermal filler range.

Check out the worried look on his face!

The slogan tells us that ‘every face tells a story’, but it’s okay, you can now ‘edit yours’.

Q-Med Advert - Targeting Men for Dermal Fillers


Joking aside, this is a great example to illustrate just how the perception of medical aesthetics and the improvements that it can make to a person’s face need to be targeted differently to men and women.

None of us want to look old, but men have always been classed as ‘distinguished’ as time puts grey flecks in their hair and the odd crow’s foot appears; think Richard Gere, Sean Connery and George Clooney. Women in fact have often been jealous that an ageing man has little to concern himself with when it comes to his looks as he ages as men are treated like a fine wine maturing in the cellar, supposedly getting better with age!

But show a man that he looks ‘worried’ or ‘tired’ because of the wrinkles now appearing on his face and he’s likely to stop and think and want to do something about it. Appearing ‘burned out’ or looking like you’re ‘struggling under the pressure’ hit right out at the primary male desire for virility and manliness; the fear that the alpha male in the pack (likely to be the office!) is going to be usurped by the new pup will surely send a man to the nearest Botox® clinic.

The concerns that we have as we age certainly separates the sexes, so do you advertise your services differently to target male and female clients?

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