Gently round your lips with a `keyhole surgery` like approach

Posted on the 02 March 2011 at 14:53

With age, our lips gradually become thinner, less rounded and might develop fine vertical lines on and around them. So for a truly holistic facial rejuvenation process, we need to address this lip 'deflation'.

However, understandably most people do not want to have their lips augmented, fearing that it will be obvious to others and also painful to do. That's why we have developed the amazing 'Feather Lip Smoothie'.

This treatment rejuvenates the lips by boosting hydration and adding a sensual, subtle roundness. Results will appear absolutely natural.

A 'Feather Lip Smoothie' is done by injecting bio-revitalisation product Restylane Vital or Vital Light with the innovative PixL 'needle'. The new PixL 'needle' is flexible and non-traumatising, and is specially designed to reduce the side effects of filler treatments.

I have developed my own lip hydration approach which involves the use of one tiny entry point next to each corner of the mouth, inspired by the keyhole approach in surgery. Completely avoiding injections into the red of the lips will lead to much less swelling and bruising and causes very little discomfort. The lips will look younger and more rounded. A 'Feather Lip Smoothie' also helps ease 'lipstick bleed'.

However, the treatment is not only wonderful to revive ageing lips, but also an amazing 'Party boost' for younger lips!

Lips Before Lip Smoothie

Lips After Feather Lip Smoothie

Lips before Feather Lip Smoothie

After Feather Lip Smoothie, Lips fuller and hydrated.

Woman and Home magazine, wrote: "Lip smoothing is one of those 'why didn't I think of it sooner' treatments that work like a charm, and gives you a wonderfully soft and subtle effect. No trout pout, no over-fill, just young lip revival."

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