How to have cosmetic surgery abroad SAFELY

Posted on the 17 February 2011 at 11:03

Following the tragic death of a British patient who travelled to the USA to receive cosmetic surgery, the media have slated the cosmetic surgery tourism concept. I think that this is unfair as it is the actual practitioner who is as fault, no matter where they live!

In the sad case, the 20 year old Claudia Aderotimi was operated on by a person who wasn’t even a trained doctor and then had banned silicone implanted into her buttocks in a hotel room! DODGY at its worst!

So why do people travel abroad for cosmetic surgery. Well, unfortunately, in most cases it is to save money. And this is fundamentally the wrong way to approach any surgery, let alone surgery abroad in unfamiliar surroundings. On top of that, people then try to return home too quickly, to avoid steep hotel bills. They then run the risk of DVT on the flights, as well as not having access to their surgeons when they return home. Regular check ups are always recommended and if you don’t have them then early signs of complications can be missed, with potentially fatal consequences.

So how can you travel to a world expert abroad and have a safe, and  successful experience?

  1. Liase with your surgeon well in advance and perform any lab tests and consultations before hand, carefully detailing your treatment plan.
  2. Agree your aftercare plan and accomodation and check any aftercare nurses have been arranged for you.
  3. Ensure that you arrive a few days before your surgery to get used to local surroundings. Book a comfortable hotel room/apartment.
  4. Ask your surgeon, how long you should stay after surgery in order to maximise your recovery and after care sessions. This is usually between 7-14 days.
  5. If budget allows, try to get an extra leg room seat on the plane home or fly business class, in order to minimise restriction during your flight. This is important  to reduce swelling and DVT on the flight.
  6. Only return home if your surgeon is happy for you to go. Find out how long he likes to follow up his local patients for. This will give you an idea.
  7. If all is agreed and carried out as above, you should have as close an experience as a local patient does with the surgeon. He will then feel comfortable and so you will then get then best out of him!

The UK has plenty of experts in cosmetic surgery, and so do other countries including Colombia, Brazil, USA, India, South Africa, Australia and others. 

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