Backlash Against The Botox Backlash!

Posted on the 15 February 2011 at 09:20

Some of you may have read in the national press recently about the ‘Botox® Backlash’ from ’A’ list celebrities that supposedly have given up Botox® for the natural look?

We suspect that in most cases this is probably not the case. In reality celebrities are opting for the more subtle treatments, which is good news.

It's a shame that Botox® has been associated with overdone immovable foreheads and mouths that cannot smile properly. In reality correctly administered Botox® (just a little but not too much) still allows movement that is natural but smooths harsh lines and achieves an airbrushed effect.

These days its more about natural enhancement; the key is not to look done, its more about the ‘make under’ rather than the ‘make over’. You can have movement and still look wrinkle free. Our patients just look softer and more rejuvenated, just a better fresher version of their natural selves!

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I totally agree with the above comments. This has been the ethos for my work for the past 12 years. Thank goodness things are changing for the better!

Belinda Done