Blue Peter to the Rescue - Get the Instant Facelift this party season! (No sticky-back plastic, honest!)

Posted on the 20 December 2010 at 10:55

The party season is truly upon us, with Christmas less than a week away and New Year just around the corner, inboxes are being cleared and we’re all in the mood to let our hair down and get down and boogie on the dancefloor like it’s our High School dance.

So you’re getting ready for the big event.

You’ve got the little black dress...check.

The sparkly jewellery...check.

The matching handbag and shoes...check.

The ‘suck you in and make you look thin’ pants...check.

The hang-dog look and sagging jowls...check, now wait a minute those aren’t supposed to be on the list!

Oh no, there’s no time for any nips and tucks this late in the day, what are you going to do?

Well don’t panic; one company thinks that they have the solution with the ‘Instant Facelift’.

Of course if you have some sellotape left over from wrapping all the Christmas presents, some string and a couple of clips handy you could probably achieve the same thing and aim to truly look younger at your office party! That and probably give yourself a headache which isn’t related to the hangover!

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Blog Comment(s) [2]

Quick...take this down, you'll put us all out of business!

Fab Equizi

That is hilarious! I have visions of women wearing these and getting lucky at Christmas Parties, the next day when they take it off it wont be just the man's jaw hitting the floor!

Bring back the Croyden facelift it worked better!!

Martyn Roe |