Don't forget your neck when considering anti-ageing facial treatments

Posted on the 05 November 2010 at 12:20

It's my favourite time of year for TV viewing - it is Strictly Come Dancing time again. Time to see celebrities you have not seen in a while and given the fierce competition between the contestants, to see what procedures the more mature ladies have had done to prop up their confidence. Who can blame them?

There are a couple of ladies that stand out. One who looks fabulous but who apparently gave up Botox® and fillers years ago? Um....right and I play rugby for England......Then there is another who although looks good from afar, but far from good close up - maybe too much living the "good life"? Therein belies a warning - if you decide to have aesthetic procedures on your face take a look at your neck. It is so important to keep the age of you in balance. It's no good having a face of a fifty year old when your neck and décolleté tell a different story.

Pigmentation is so ageing but can be addressed by using products containing a combination of Kojic acid, glycolic acid and Emblica which has been shown to be effective in a double blind study performed over 3 months.

I get so many enquiries about this common problem - it is apparently causing concern amongst those women who care about their skin. The happy ending to this story is that there are now products that can address pigmentation and help to reverse the ravages of time but using an antioxidant and UV protection is a stepping stone to achieving a glowing skin.

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It's about the balance and it won't look good if there are traces.

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