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Why this doctor is calling for Jeremy Hunt to change cosmetic procedure regulations 

For years, cosmetic doctors and dermatologists have been calling for tougher regulations in the injectables industry. In the UK, it’s almost entirely unregulated with no minimum age for those seeking out Botox or dermal fillers, and even more worryingly, those administering the injectables don’t need to be fully qualified doctors. Unsurprisingly, the has led to plenty of cosmetic disasters, some of which have been downright dangerous. Just last week, Ozan Melin was in court after three women claimed he injected them with a fake Botox, which caused disfigurement. Renowned and respected cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho has seen a huge rise in the amount of corrective procedures he now has to perform. So much so, this week Dr Esho has written to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to encourage him to change the regulation.

Spike in botched cosmetic surgery claims amid fears that 'plumbers are air stewards' are performing Botox and fillers

Scotland is heading for a health disaster similar to the PIP breast implants scandal because government regulations introduced last year are failing to protect patients from botched cosmetic procedures performed by unqualified practitioners, industry experts have warned. It comes as new figures reveal that insurance claims from people left disfigured by procedures that went wrong rose 37 per cent between 2014 and 2016, from 187 to 256.

Dorset fake Botox cosmetic surgeon's trial collapses

The trial of Ozan Melin and his ex-wife Lisa Bolster accused of administering counterfeit Botox has collapsed because of a 'lack of evidence' at Bournemouth Crown Court. They were cleared of fraud on the directions of a judge. They had faced charges over a Botox business run from a house in Dorset. Bolster, 50, was also found not guilty of unauthorised use of a trademark. Melin will face a retrial for three offences of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Surgeons see an increase in men getting lip injections

Surgeons say there has been a rise in the number of men who want lip injections to give them a 'proud' lower lip and a natural smirk. Dr Rian Maercks, a plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida, told Daily Mail Online that men are flocking to him to get macho mouth procedures that make their lips more plump without feminizing their faces.

Leading Manchester cosmetic surgeon discuses how social media has influenced client expectations

Gary Ross, the first in his field to be certified by the Royal College of Surgeons Professional Standards system, says the whole industry needs tighter regulation. He says vulnerable people – driven by adverts and social media – are being offered unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved when they go under the knife.

Japan plans to ban before-and-after photos in ads for cosmetic surgery

The health ministry will prohibit medical institutions from using before-and-after photos of patients in cosmetic-surgery advertisements, sources said Wednesday. The plan follows a series of consumer problems stemming from advertising for aesthetic medical services, including minor cosmetic surgery and liposuction. Before-and-after images will be allowed for academic meetings will because such use does not encourage potential patients to elect such procedures, according to the sources. The ministry will put the ban into effect by June.

Hackers steal data from London celebrity plastic surgery clinic popular with Katie Price

Police are investigating claims hackers stole data from a London cosmetic surgery clinic popular with celebrity clients including Katie Price. London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS) said it is "horrified" that its patients had been targeted in the cyber attack which was reported to police on October 17. LBPS, based in Marylebone, described the hackers as "highly sophisticated" and said they had targeted medical providers in the US in the past year.

Number of women left with rock-hard breasts after implant ops increases

The number of women left with rock-hard breasts after implant ops has more than doubled in three years, figures show. In 2016 there were 377 cases of capsular contracture — scar tissue forming around the implant which feels solid to touch — but just 148 in 2013. Experts think the cause is an infection causing the body to reject the boob job. The complaints are logged by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency as “adverse reactions”.

Rare cancer linked with textured breast implants may be underreported, misunderstood

A rare cancer in patients with breast implants may be on the rise, but not all patients and physicians may be aware of the risks associated with the procedure, according to a group of Penn State College of Medicine researchers. Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma -- or BIA-ALCL -- is a rare peripheral T-cell lymphoma that may develop in patients with breast implants. The researchers said the cancer is likely underreported, and although it appears to be linked with a certain type of implant, more research is needed to identify the specific cause.

Women are suffering horrifying facial burns from cheap skin-peel beauty products sold on eBay

Women are reportedly suffering horrifying facial burns after using cheap skin-peel beauty products being sold on eBay. Bottles containing banned substances and up to 100% pure acid are available to purchase for as little as £11 – with sellers boasting it can improve acne, age spots and fine lines.

Doctors dancing in the operating room? New rules proposed for plastic surgery social media

Forget those vacation pictures. Sharing graphic social media posts is one new way to gain followers. Everything from botox to tummy tucks and breast augmentation are now being posted and live-streamed online by doctors and medical practitioners. While tactics like these are becoming increasingly popular to advertise surgery, there has been no regulation or direction regarding what is appropriate or allowed in the medical field — until now.

Charcoal toothpaste won't make your teeth white

It's been dubbed an easy way to get white teeth, with X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger being a fan. But British experts at the Oral Health Foundation are concerned about charcoal toothpaste.

Doctors warn of rare but serious liposuction complication

Doctors are highlighting a rare but serious complication of liposuction, which can lead to fat globules entering the lungs. They reported on the case of a 45-year-old woman who developed respiratory failure after fat was sucked out of her lower legs and knees.

Do the latest skin-enhancing injectables deliver? Two beauty writers investigate

Over 15 years ago, the FDA in America certified that Botox was safe to administer and within the last decade, the muscle-freezing fluid has become a standard treatment for women wanting to eradicate lines. The way of using it has changed though and few of us want that tight, frozen look that took hold in the Noughties.

Plastic surgeons concerned over clinics' use of Instagram emojis for promoting cosmetic surgery

The Cadogan Clinic, a private clinic in Chelsea, west London, is calling for more awareness of the impact of social media on self-image and the quest for body perfection, saying many young people are coming in with unrealistic images of eye shapes and contours and asking to look like them.

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