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Botched cosmetic surgery: law change urged as complaints treble

An “alarming” rise in reports of botched cosmetic procedures in the UK has prompted doctors and campaigners to call for better legislation to protect against rogue practitioners. The number of problems related to treatments such as lip fillers and Botox has almost trebled, jumping from 378 in 2016 to 931 in the space of 12 months, according to data from Save Face, a government-approved register of accredited practitioners. Experts have put the dramatic growth down to a rise in the number of celebrities, including US reality TV star Kylie Jenner, openly discussing their procedures.

AAFPRS Annual Survey reveals Trends In Facial Plastic Surgery

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the world's largest association of facial plastic surgeons, annual survey shows that, like it or not, the selfie and its impact on aesthetics is here to stay and continues to have a huge effect on how we perceive and project ourselves - in front of the camera and off. The annual survey explores the top trends in facial plastic surgery and compares year-over-year results.

Consumers face potential of serious risk when unlicensed personnel perform hair restoration surgery

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) issued a consumer alert with a warning that increasing numbers of unlicensed personnel worldwide are performing substantial medical aspects of hair restoration surgery and, in doing so, are putting patients at risk. Increasing numbers of patients are now seeking help from physician members of ISHRS, asking them to correct the mistakes of procedures done by those not properly trained to perform hair transplants.

Yoga face-toning might compete with fillers and facelifts

To his toolbox of Botox, fillers and plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Murad Alam has added a new, low-cost, noninvasive anti-aging treatment: facial yoga. Dermatologists measured improvements in the appearance of the faces of a small group of middle-age women after they did half an hour of daily face-toning exercises for eight weeks, followed by alternate-day exercises for another 12 weeks.The results surprised lead author Alam, vice chair and professor of dermatology at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

Surgeon streams his operations live on Snapchat

The self-styled 'Snapchat surgeon' has hit back at critics who say his decision to live stream surgeries over social media has turned the operating theatre into a 'circus'. Dr Christopher Inglefield, founder of the London Transgender Surgery and one of the country's leading transgender specialists, has been performing gender reassignment surgeries for more than a decade. But his decision to broadcast live from the operating theatre over Snapchat while performing procedures has led to accusations that the footage is too graphic and too extreme. But the surgeon has argued that it's important to inform people about exactly what happens during the surgery in an 'open and transparent way', so people can see beyond 'glossy adverts and glowing testimonials'.

Stacey Solomon praised for highlighting the dangers of photoshop with unedited photoshoot

Stacey Solomon has once again been championing 'normal' bodies on social media, sharing poignant images from a recent photoshoot in a bid to combat the unrealistic standards that young people aspire to. There are two photos of each of the snaps from the shoot; one heavily edited and airbrushed, and the other completely untouched - showing Stacey how she actually looks in real life. The shoot was part of Stacey's exclusive interview with Celebrity Secrets, with the TV presenter telling the magazine: "Children are robbed of their childhood because they're under pressure to look a certain way. Even if you ask 100 teenagers if they think a picture has been edited, and they all say 'yes', they'll still want to look like that - as that's what they think 'pretty' is, that's what we've got to eradicate."

Plastic surgeon reveals NUMBER ONE request from female patients

Britain’s leading plastic surgeon has revealed that the looks of TV chef Nigella Lawson are among the most popular requested by women visiting his Harley Street Clinic. Dr Fulvio Urso-Baiarda said while Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie still tops the list, women who visit his Eterno clinic in London are increasingly asking for cheekbones like Nigella’s, as well as striving to emulate her flawless skin.

Rogue beauticians carrying out backstreet botox ops

Rogue beauticians are carrying out dangerous and illegal procedures which can leave women permanently disfigured, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Our undercover investigation follows a shocking rise in cases of botched treatments, with far more than 1,000 complaints by clients and doctors – double the number last year. As the ‘New Year makeover’ season approaches, we have discovered medically unqualified beauticians offering ‘non-surgical’ nose jobs, breast enhancements and electric skin lifting – and even injecting ‘filler’ chemicals behind the eyeball. Some of the practices exposed by our reporter are illegal. Others, which risk blindness, severe blood loss and even death, are allowed because of lax UK regulations. Many of these treatments are banned elsewhere.

A beauty salon in Tunbridge Wells claims it has fallen victim to a scam which saw `a woman leave the salon without payment`

A woman who made a last minute Botox appointment before Christmas is reported to have fled the salon after saying she left her purse in the car. The lavish £360 treatment was carried out by The Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin (rtwskin) clinic, in London Road last Saturday (December 16). The alleged incident, which is being investigated by the police, has prompted fears that these incidents will be repeated in Tunbridge Wells. The clinic`s director, John Sheffield has released CCTV footage taken in the salon the day the alleged incident took place.

Allergan Receives FDA Clearance For the CoolSculpting® Treatment To Improve Appearance Of Lax Tissue In The Double Chin

Allergan plc announced that the CoolSculpting® treatment is the first and only non-surgical fat reduction technology to be FDA-cleared for improved appearance of lax tissue in conjunction with submental fat, or double chin, treatments. CoolSculpting for the double chin is already clinically proven to reduce fat up to 20 percent in the treated area after one treatment.

DIY Nose Job Kit Leaves Buyer Suffocating

Doctors warn customers not to trust beauty products promising quick and easy fixes. A woman in southwestern China was recently hospitalized after a cosmetic device got stuck in her nose. The home nose lift clip - designed to make noses look more upturned and dainty - became lodged in the woman’s nostril after she inserted it, then entered her throat as she hyperventilated in distress. Eventually, it ended up lodged in her stomach.

‘Safe’ Tanners Who Use Sprays and Lotions Less Likely to Get Tattoos and Piercings than Frequent Sunbathers and Tanning Bed Users

People who often sunbathe or use tanning beds are more likely to try risky weight-loss methods and have cosmetic surgery, as well as get tattoos and piercings. But while people who seldom tan also may try unsafe diets and cosmetic surgery, they rarely opt for tattoos or piercings, according to a Baylor University study.

Revance’s rival to Allergan’s Botox aces phase 3

A pair of phase 3 trials of Revance’s RT002 have hit all their primary and secondary endpoints. The data show the effect of the neuromodulator on wrinkles lasted for six months, suggesting it poses a threat to Allergan’s blockbuster Botox franchise.

ASERF Outlines Recommendations to Increase Safety of Gluteal Fat Grafting Procedures

Buttock augmentation is one of the fastest growing aesthetic procedures in the United States. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more than 20,000 procedures were performed in 2016 alone, (a 3,267% increase compared to 2002, when ASAPS first began tracking statistics for buttock augmentation). Recently, The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF) formed the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force to investigate the risks associated with this increasingly popular procedure.

My daughter needs plastic surgery – how can I tell her?

Stop pointing out her physical imperfections, Mariella Frostrup tells a mother who thinks her lonely daughter needs better looks to be happier.

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