Dr  Meriem Martins

Cosmetic Doctor

Registration Organisation : GMC

Registration Number : 6146269

Qualifications : MBBS

As a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, she maintains the highest professional standards in practice of Aesthetic Medicine in relation to clinical practice and patient care. She also has a masters degree in aesthetic medicine from Queen Mary University of London. She has developed a unique combination of medical and aesthetic knowledge through her qualifications in both fields.

 Advanced botulinum toxin applications including Upper face treatment with BotoxA, vertical and horizontal lines on forehead, “brow lift”, and advanced treatments for mid and lower face including, “Bunny lines” and “Gummy” smile treatment, Nefertiti Lift, Platysma bands treatment, Neck rejuvenation and treatment for Masseter Hypertrophy, as well as Axillary Hyperhidrosis (sweating) treatments.
 Advanced HA Dermal Filler Applications including Lip enhancement and treatments for peri-oral area, mid-face volume restoration treatments, forehead rejuvenation, brow and temple injections as well as Chin and jawline defining injections.
 Neck treatments such as Allergan 8point Lift (Liquid Facelift) and Allergan MD Codes treatment.
 Suspension Threads Treatments, including Silhouette Soft and PDO Threads.
 PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments.
 Chemical Peels (TCA)