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White wine, liquor may raise women`s risk of rosacea

As the weekend approaches, many of us will be looking forward to a drink or two with friends. According to a new study, however, women who are concerned about their skin health might want to steer clear of white wine and liquor. Researchers have found that women who consume alcohol may be more likely to develop rosacea than non-drinking women, with white wine and liquor being the biggest offenders. Furthermore, the study revealed that the more alcohol women consume, the higher their risk of developing the skin condition.

Increase in Australian cancer cases linked to breast implants

Five more cases of a rare blood cancer linked to breast implants have been confirmed in Australia, bringing the total to 51 women, including three who have died. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has been monitoring the link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma, known as ALCL, a form of non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma, since 2011 when US regulators warned of an association.

Anti-pollution is massive but complicated. Here’s why

The anti-pollution trend is possibly one of the hottest topics in the beauty industry right now, but as it continues to boom its evolution is far from being clear cut.

Blue and infrared light: anti-pollution skin care

The impact of infrared and blue light (from screens) on the skin is an area that the anti-pollution trend is tipped to move into next: we ask an expert about its potential.

More than $16 Billion Spent on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

A new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveals that Americans spent more than ever before – $16 billion – on cosmetic plastic surgery and minimally-invasive procedures in 2016. The new report also breaks down the national average cost of surgical and minimally-invasive procedures.

Lip Reduction Is the New Plastic Surgery Trend

Lip reduction surgery, which involves cutting the lips to reduce their size, is attracting attention on social media. As NewBeauty reports, a different lip trend has been popping up on social media as of late — one designed to reduce the size of the lips. According to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft, who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery,

Lip fillers: How to tell if someone`s REALLY had them done

The Kylie Jenner and Katie Price age has truly set in, and more and more of us are opting to have our lips enhanced. Lip fillers are a common topic of conversation for many and for some, more than you would think too, are an actual reality. But, Kardashians aside, how can you really tell if your friend, cousin or boss has had lip enhancements? Well, a new study has pin pointed exactly how the everyday man and woman can notice the difference.

Technique improves breast reduction outcomes

Research led by Frank Lau, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, has found that long-term breast reduction outcomes can be improved by using techniques that minimally disrupt the lower breast suspensory ligaments.

Conman fleeced customers out of £400k to use fake liposuction machines that promised to `shift stubborn fat fast`

Aaron Nickols advertised the liposuction machines after buying them from China - but some were actually designed for polishing metal and were classed as dangerous. A conman fleeced customers desperate to lose weight out of thousands of pounds by renting out fake liposuction machines.

Women developing wrinkles 10 years too early says expert

London cosmetic surgeon Dr Navid Javalli has pointed to an `epidemic of deep wrinkle lines` in young women, and he says too much time spent staring at phones and computers is to blame. The consultant cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, who has appeared on Channel 5`s Botched Bodies, predicts it will soon be commonplace for women to `justifiably` consider Botox injections by the time they reach 25.

Confessions of a botox addict

Since the first practitioners started using Botox in the UK, devotee Alice Hart-Davis has had it injected into ten parts of her face and body, including her forehead, her jaw muscles and even her armpits. This week, I’m looking forward to an anniversary. Not my wedding anniversary; this one is different, but still very special. For on Wednesday it will be 15 years since Botox received official approval for cosmetic use, changing the lives — and faces — of millions of women like me. I’ve been covering the story of Botox from the beginning. I was an early adopter and, after a bumpy start, became a devotee of the way minute doses of botulinum toxin A smooth away wrinkles by damping down the muscles in which they are injected.

Australia: Safety standards for cosmetic surgery set to be overhauled and may be moved into hospitals

Safety standards for patients undergoing cosmetic procedures such as boob jobs, tummy tucks, liposuction and facelifts, are expected to be overhauled in Queensland under a review launched by the Palaszczuk Government. As complex cosmetic procedures are increasingly being performed in doctors’ rooms rather than hospitals, concerns are growing within Queensland Health about the risk to patients, particularly in relation to anaesthesia.

Acne may be caused by an imbalance of skin bacteria

Researchers may be closer to personalized acne treatments, after finding that an imbalance in the makeup of skin bacteria may be a cause of the condition. Each year, up to 50 million people in the United States are affected by acne, making it the most common skin condition in the country. In a new study, researchers have uncovered new information about the causes of acne, which could change the way the condition is treated.

1 in 3 Plastic Surgery Reviews is Fake, South Korea’s Advertisement Watchdog Warns

Beware of suspicious online reviews of plastic surgery clinics that sound too positive, South Korea’s advertisement watchdog warns. A report published by the Korea Internet Advertising Foundation (KIAF) yesterday revealed nearly one in three positive reviews on the Internet about plastic surgery is thought to be fake, reviews which often come with cliché phrases such as "You'll never regret", or "I got liposuction and there's no bruising or swelling at all."

EU takes steps to improve breast implant safety

The European Parliament on Wednesday adopted measures to improve medical safety in the wake of the worldwide scare over faulty breast implants from France. The measures adopted after nearly five years of debate aim to ensure devices like breast and hip implants can be traced, meet EU patient safety requirements, and face tighter approval procedures.

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