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Syneron Candela Announces CE Mark for CO2RE® Intima

Syneron Medical Ltd. announced that the company secured the CE Mark for CO2RE Intima, making it the first in-office laser procedure now CE marked for the treatment of vaginal atrophy and rejuvenation. CO2RE Intima is a simple non-surgical treatment that promotes vaginal wellness amongst a broad array of women, while delivering a renewed sense of confidence, comfort, quality of life and enhanced sexual functioning.

Drug 'reverses' ageing in animal tests

A drug that can reverse aspects of ageing has been successfully trialled in animals, say scientists. They have rejuvenated old mice to restore their stamina, coat of fur and even some organ function. The team at Erasmus University Medical Center, in the Netherlands, are planning human trials for what they hope is a treatment for old age. A UK scientist said the findings were "impossible to dismiss", but that unanswered questions remained.

FDA links very rare cancer, 9 deaths, to breast implants

Nine deaths from a very rare kind of cancer have been linked to breast implants, indicating a very low but increased risk in women with implants, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA said it now agrees with the World Health Organization, which concluded years ago this type of lymphoma can develop following breast implants. Concerns were first raised at the FDA in 2011, but the agency said then that there were too few cases to know if there was a connection.

British men as young as 18 are going under the knife at alarming levels

British men are going under the knife in record numbers, experts say. Surgeons have seen a surge in demand for cosmetic procedures from male customers, up almost 13 per cent from last year. While cosmetic surgery has long been considered a mostly female domain, men are increasingly opting for rhinoplasties, liposuction and even chin implants which give the illusion of a `defined and strong` face.

Nurse struck off for faking £3,300 in Botox prescriptions

Kate Matthew, 35, of Cwmbran, South Wales, photocopied blank prescriptions signed by a doctor for the Botox for luxury facial treatments in her personal business after her NHS work. The mother-of-two got six prescriptions by using the photocopied signature of a doctor she met on a course, a disciplinary hearing in Cardiff was told. She used the Botox for her private business - Kate Matthew Medical Aesthetics - specialising in lip fillers, eyebrow raises and face lifts. But she was snared when a pharmacy got in touch with the doctor with a query over one of the prescriptions.

Now 20 women claim they were maimed in lip filler scandal

Twenty women have come forward to complain about their ordeals at the hands of a fake medic exposed by the Daily Mail. They were left with severe bruising, swelling and infections after appointments with lip filler practitioner Golam Chowdhury. One woman even had to take a week off work because damage to her lips left her unable to talk or eat properly. Mr Chowdhury runs a clinic in Birmingham and refers to himself as a ‘qualified doctor in Bangladesh’ – though he is not registered with the General Medical Council.

Schoolgirls are being preyed on by lip filler cowboys

Amateur beauticians with no medical training are offering to inject schoolgirls with dangerous lip fillers for as little as £59, the Daily Mail reveals today. Insecure young women are being targeted on social media and encouraged to have their lips injected to enhance their looks. But the cosmetic treatments – which may be carried out in back rooms of hair salons and in customers’ living rooms – can cause irreversible damage. Undercover reporters from the Daily Mail accompanied 17-year-old college student Ellie Ducker while she visited amateur lip filler practitioners who advertise online.

'Optimal' Facelifts Do Make You Look Younger, Study Finds

The time, money and pain spent on a facelift may be worth it, a small, new study suggests. Hundreds of people who looked at photos of 13 women before and after "optimal" facelifts agreed that the women appeared younger, better-looking, healthier and more successful.

China: Cheap cosmetic surgery can come with risks

With sales and injections of "imported" botox on the rise, experts have called for its use to be better regulated. Beijing News commented. Supposedly under strict supervision, the use of botox is prevalent in the Chinese cosmetic surgery industry. But while an injection can cost over 10,000 yuan ($1,460) in a similar hospital, an injection can cost just a few hundred yuan on the black market. For many potential buyers, although the source is unknown and the quality is not guaranteed, the price is cheap enough.

Americans Spend More Than $15 Billion on Aesthetic Procedures for the First Time Ever

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that Americans spent more than $15 billion dollars on combined surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures for the first time ever, accounting for an 11% increase over the past year alone. Surgical procedures account for 56% and nonsurgical procedures account for 44% of the total. This is the largest dollar amount spent on cosmetic surgery since ASAPS began its Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics survey two decades ago, in 1997.

New Survey Reveals Impact Of Double Chin On Self-Perception And Behavior

Survey finds that 47% of respondents said they are bothered by the appearance of the area under their chin. Results of a recent survey commissioned by Allergan plc to better understand the personal impact of submental fullness as well as how others perceive individuals with submental fullness were revealed at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Meeting in Orlando, FL. 1,996 men and women in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 65 were surveyed to better understand how having a double chin plays a role in self-perception and alternatively, how those with submental fullness are viewed by others.

Dental nurse struck off for offering teeth whitening treatments using chemicals 300 times stronger than legal limit

Vivien Hassett, who advertised her services on Facebook, was found to pose a “risk of harm to patients”. And she has now been removed from the General Dental Council’s register following a probe by their Professional Conduct Committee. It found that she offered treatments using hydrogen peroxide with a strength of up to 35 per cent – while the legal limit is less than 0.1 per cent.

Opioids before surgery means higher costs, more problems afterward, U-M study finds

Surgery patients often go home from the hospital with a prescription for painkillers to take as they recover. But a new study suggests that doctors should also focus on patients who were taking such medicines before their operations. People who received prescriptions for opioid painkillers in the months before elective abdominal operations had longer hospital stays, and a higher chance of needing follow-up care, than patients who weren't taking such medications before surgery.

Martin Clunes tries to claim secret plastic surgery as a professional tax expense

The Men Behaving Badly star asked a tax tribunal judge to grant him anonymity to spare him from the public embarrassment that might follow as a result of his revelations that he has gone under the knife. Martin Clunes is taking on the taxman after undergoing secret cosmetic surgery.

Do `Botox` gels really work... or are they just hope in a jar? The best way to replicate Botox to banish wrinkles

There seemed one obvious way to put them to the test: volunteer my own forehead for a half-and-half trial, by using so-called `Botox gels` on one side, and having the injections on the other. Alice Hart-Davis with a Botox-treated right side of her forehead and still-wrinkled left side.

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