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Cosmetic surgery procedures `fell by 40% in 2016`

The number of people having cosmetic surgery in the UK in 2016 dropped by 40% compared with 2015, figures show. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said 30,750 procedures had been done - down from 51,140. Surgeon Rajiv Grover, who compiled the report, said more men and women were choosing cheaper, non-surgical procedures, such as chemical peels.

Backstreet beautician busted over illegal teeth whitening treatments claims: `It was an accident`

A beautician who fell foul of the law over her teeth whitening treatments says that she did so accidentally. The 25-year-old had been offering teeth whitening from her home in Benwell, Newcastle, but says she hadn’t realised she had been doing anything illegal.

Can Botox reduce social anxiety?

The cosmetic wrinkle reducer, Botox, is being examined in the context of treating various medical conditions. In one example, George Washington University is recruiting volunteers for a new study testing Botox to treat social anxiety.

UAE doctors warn of risks of `lethal` botox injections for weight loss

Surgeons are warning of a new weight-loss procedure that could be lethal and yet continues to be administered in private clinics. Botox injections in to the stomach that are putting patients` lives at risk are being offered by doctors in the UAE despite it not being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Can YOU identify the stars from just their lips?

These female celebrities all have the perfect pout according to maths. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry and more all possess the golden ratio because their bottom lips are larger than their top.

Women spend thousands of pounds on sexy back dimples

Would YOU pay for Venus dimples? Now women are forking out thousands of pounds for 'sexy' lower back dents like Miranda's in the latest celebrity-inspired surgery trend. Dr Amanda Wong-Powell has developed a 'V-spot' treatment to create dimples.

Lip filler leaves mum with lips like `raw sausages`

A mother-of-three described how she was taken to A&E after fillers left her lips looking like `raw sausages tied together on her face`. Leona Omalley, 24, paid a beautician £180 to come to her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, and inject her lips in the hope of improving her pout.

Probe into South Shields nurse accused of botching treatments by BBC programme

A nurse from South Tyneside who has been accused of botching a series of cosmetic treatments is under investigation by a health standards watchdog. Claire Wilde, from South Shields, was the subject of a BBC investigation in which it was claimed treatments carried out by her went wrong.

Hong Kong doctors say beauticians should not handle high risk procedures and devices

Government to hold meeting next Monday with stakeholders over proposed regulations beauty therapy medical devices. A collective of Hong Kong doctor groups has argued that a number of risky medical devices and beauty procedures should be operated by them, not by beauticians.

Safer Internet Day: Many kids say it's 'important' to look good in selfies

Newsround has spoken to lots of 10 to 12-year-olds about their thoughts on selfies - and many said there's a pressure to look good in them.

Selfie mad mum spends thousands on plastic surgery to look like her OWN pics - and she's not alone

Lucy O’Grady has blown thousands of pounds on boob and nose operations, fillers and Botox - and she's not alone. The mum-of-three was hooked on using popular phone apps that ­digitally enhance selfies. Now she barely recognised her real self and longed to look like the doctored images in her photos.

Young Albanians scarred by rogue cosmetic treatments

Albanian doctors complain that substances banned in Europe are illicitly imported from China and Turkey for use in risky procedures. Emira Sela covers her face with her hand to hide a disfiguring abscess, the traumatic result of unregulated cosmetic treatments now rampant across Albania.

Botox nurse who featured on Geordie Shore to be 'exposed' on TV on Monday night

BBC1's Inside Out claims Claire Wilde, from South Shields, left customers scarred after treatment. A nurse who allegedly left patients scarred after Botox treatment is to be exposed on TV on Monday night.

Linda Nolan reveals her incredible facelift transformation: It's amazing - I look younger than Coleen now

The 57-year-old admits she feels like a new woman after going under the knife to have a £6,000 facelift. Just one look in the mirror every morning tells Linda Nolan she did the right thing.

'Plastic surgeon Dr Annamal did boob job under local anaesthetic', MPTS told

A WOMAN claims a Harley Street plastic surgeon carried out her breast job surgery without first putting her out with general anaesthetic. The unnamed woman's allegation is at the centre of a medical tribunal into the conduct of Dr Annamalaikani Jeyapragash, which was today adjourned.

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